Morning Coffee Protect You Against Melanoma. Part 1 of 3

Morning Coffee Protect You Against Melanoma – Part 1 of 3

Morning Coffee Protect You Against Melanoma. Your matinal coffee might do more than perk you up. Researchers suggest it also might help protect you against melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Coffee drinkers are less conceivable to suffer from malignant melanoma, and their risk decreases somewhat with every cup they swallow, according to findings published Jan 20, 2015 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. “We found that four or more cups of coffee per age was associated with about a 20 percent reduced risk of malignant melanoma,” said lead author Erikka Loftfield, a doctoral apprentice at Yale University School of Public Health who is completing her dissertation work at the US National Cancer Institute.

Previous research has shown that coffee drinking could protect against less deadly forms of skin cancer, manifestly by mitigating the damage to skin cells caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the researchers said in background notes. They decided to see if this protection extended to melanoma, the cardinal cause of skin cancer death in the United States and the fifth most common cancer. In 2013, there were an estimated 77000 new cases of melanoma and about 9500 deaths from the cancer, according to the study.

The researchers gathered material from a study run by the US National Institutes of Health and AARP. A food questionnaire was sent to 3,5 million AARP members living in six states: California, Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina and Pennsylvania; as well as two cities, Atlanta and Detroit. The questionnaire yielded coffee drinking info for nearly 447400 whey-faced seniors in 1995 and 1996, and researchers followed up with the participants for about 10 years on average.

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