Menopause Affects Women Differently. Part 2 of 3

Menopause Affects Women Differently – Part 2 of 3

And a lot of the time, women are fearful,” said Dr Patricia Sulak, an ob/gyn at Scott andamp; White Hospital in Temple, Texas, who was not involved in penmanship the new guidelines. Years ago, doctors routinely prescribed hormone replacement therapy after menopause to lower women’s risk of heart disease, among other things. But in 2002, a magnanimous US trial called the Women’s Health Initiative found that women given estrogen-progestin pills actually had slightly increased risks of blood clots, heart attack and breast cancer. “Use of hormones plummeted” after that.


But exploration since then has suggested that hormone therapy is safer for relatively younger women who start using it soon after menopause, the report notes. Women in that landmark study were in their initial 60s, on average – whereas US women typically hit menopause at around age 51. Experts now say that women should not take hormones to prevent any chronic ills. But when it comes to passionate flashes, hormone therapy remains the most effective option.

Another ob/gyn agreed that doctors and women alike are often reluctant to consider hormones. “Since the Women’s Health Initiative, we’ve been get a bang little fishes swimming upstream,” said Dr Jill Rabin, of Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, NY To alleviate minimize any risks it’s important to keep the hormone dose at the lowest level needed to relieve a woman’s symptoms. “I’m an estrogen minimalist.

I’m going to start you at a low dose, and that’s enough for most women”. Women who should not examine hormones include those who’ve ever had breast cancer or a blood clot. Hot flashes and night sweats are the most common menopause complaint. But vaginal dryness and disquiet during sex are also issues for many women. The guidelines say that estrogen applied directly to the vagina – in the form of creams, tablets or rings – is effective.

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