Doctors Recommend A CT Scan. Part 3 of 3

Doctors Recommend A CT Scan – Part 3 of 3

So “If you quit more than 15 years ago, because the endanger of lung cancer goes down every year from the time you quit smoking, we would take you out of that high-risk category”. The task force also had to weigh the benefits of early cancer detection against the potency harm caused by regular exposure to radiation from the CT scans, said recommendation co-author Dr Linda Humphrey, a professor of medicine and clinical epidemiology at Oregon Health andamp; Science University and associate chief of medicine at the Portland VA Medical Center. “The radiation associated with low-dose CT is on the order of the radiation associated with mammography,” Humphrey said earlier this year.

And “It’s not a short-term risk, it’s a long-term risk”. She added that there are a benign number of false positives involved in CT scans for lung cancer. These can be resolved through screening, but that adds to the edition of radiation exposures a patient will receive.

The panel also had to weigh whether their recommendation would send the message to smokers that they now don’t have to quit because screening measures will halt their death from lung cancer. “The main message of all this should be that you should stop smoking,” said former lung association board chair Rizzo, who is section chief of pulmonary/critical care remedy at Christiana Care Health System in Newark, Del. “If you have started and you can’t quit, there is an ability to screen for that early lung cancer, but the screening does not mean we’re going to conquest the cancer before it does you harm norway. This is not an excuse for people to keep smoking, simply because they think they can get screened adequately”.

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