Scientists Oppose The Use Of Antibiotics For Livestock Rearing. Part 3 of 3

Scientists Oppose The Use Of Antibiotics For Livestock Rearing – Part 3 of 3

He explained that any mandatory system would involve a complicated regulatory handle that might tie progress up for years. When an antibiotic becomes resistant to bacteria, it may not be as effective in treating infections and illness. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and resistant strains of C difficile are two such germs that have spurred outbreaks – especially among weakened hospital patients – and generated alarming headlines over the past few years.

The FDA is asking companies to notify them of their tendency to adopt the new guidelines over the next three months. The companies would then have three years to complete the labeling changes. Once that happens, these antibiotics can no longer be used for animal production purposes, and their use to survey and prevent disease in animals will require the oversight of a veterinarian, the agency said.

But Keep Antibiotics Working, a coalition of health, consumer, agricultural, environmental, humane and other advocacy groups, also criticized the FDA for taking a deliberate approach rather than using its legal authority to prevent these drugs from being used in animals. The group “is happy that the FDA has finalized this document so that we can see whether it actually works,” Steven Roach, a ranking analyst for Keep Antibiotics Working, said in a statement england. “Our fear, however, is that there will be no reduction in antibiotic use as companies will either ignore the plan altogether or simply reversal from using antibiotics for routine growth promotion to using the same antibiotics for routine disease prevention.

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