Non-Medical Cancer Treatment Methods. Part 3 of 3

Non-Medical Cancer Treatment Methods – Part 3 of 3

Larger studies are still needed, said Bao. And they should also include a patient grouping that receives no acupuncture – to see whether the procedure is better than doing nothing. Still, Bao said that because acupuncture carries a low risk of side effects, women could give it a shot – even if any benefits come from a placebo effect. “The details are not definitive. But I think it’s OK to explore this as an option because it’s low-risk”.

There are other options for managing aromatase inhibitor side effects.For piping hot flashes, certain antidepressants and the anti-seizure drug gabapentin are often effective. For muscle and joint pain, Bao said there’s evidence that exercise helps – if a woman can take care of that. In some cases, the side effect clears up if a woman switches to a different aromatase inhibitor. While acupuncture may be low risk, there is the issue of cost chudai. Prices vary, but a normal session runs around $100, and insurance may not cover it.

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